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Keep your skin looking ageless with any one of our Glo Chemical Peel treatments. Chemical exfoliation promotes cellular turnover to prevent free-radical damage and a healthier skin structure. Repair aging skin, hyper pigmentation, dry or dehydrated, oily and acneic skin types. Your skin care professional will complete a skin analysis and patch test to determine which chemical peel is best for your skin.

A series of 4-6 treatments is recommended to achieve best results.

Hydra Bright or Beta Clarity Pro 5 Exfoliant 
​30 min - $50
Gentle enough for all skin types.  Fruit enzymes and salicylic acid help break down dead skin, promoting smooth texture and clearer skin.
Recommended for dry, sun damaged, mild acne, and aging skin.

​Hydra Bright AHA Glow Peel
​30 min - $85

Improve the appearance of fine lines and retain moisture while promoting smooth soft skin. This peel will keep even the most dehydrated skin glowing and hydrated.Recommended for skin types that are aging, dry, fine lines, sun damaged and acne grades I and II.

Benefits: Great for all skins types. Rich antioxidants strengthen capillaries and have anti-inflamatory properties that are also skin brighteners.



GlyPro Resurfacing & GlyPro Power Peel 

30 min - $100-$120

These peels are designed to repair and regenerate the skin and improve the appearance of aging skin. Glycolic acid increases exfoliation and eliminates dead skin cell accumulation while stimulating cell growth. Removing dry/dead skin cells will leave you with healthy, glowing, radiant skin.


Recommended for hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs, photodamaged, aging and acneic skin.


Benefits: Firms, smoothes out fine lines and improves skin's overall texture and tone. Increases exfoliation and skin flexibility.


Beta Clarity AHA Clarifying Peel
30 min - $85

Take care of acne prone, sun damaged, rough, dry and dull skin with this highly effective peel. This will exfoliate and deeply cleanse pores and it is an excellent treatment for acne. Not recommended for those allergic to aspirin.Recommended for acneic, dull, rough, dry/calloused and aging skin, as well as hyperpigmentation.


Benefits: Prevents acne, oily skin and comedones. This peels anti-inflamatory properties also help improve the condition and appearance of skin.


​Triple Transformation Peel
​30 min - $120
This peel is beneficial for the treatment of dull skin, fine lines, mild cases of of rosacea, hyperpigmentation, acne and and premature aging types.Recommended for dull skin, fine lines, superficial scar tissue, hyperpigmentation, acne and premature aging skin types.
Benefits: Great for all akin types. Reduces the appearance of pigment irregularities. Immediate results in tone and texture of skin after treatment.


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