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Dermaplaning is a controlled scraping of the skin using a sterile, surgical blade for the removal fine hair without them growing back thicker or darker. Dermaplaning is a physical/mechanical form of exfoliation using a specialized dermaplaning blade for the removal of built up dead skin cells and vellous hair. Following treatment skin will be smoother, softer and better able to absorb the active ingredients in treatment and home care products.  This treatment involves the use of the sterile, surgical blade to remove dead skin cells and vellous hair.

Facial Dermaplaning

What are the benefits of Dermaplaning?


  • The benefits of removing the downy hair include younger looking skin

  • A much better appearance of make up and for on photographs.

  • By removing the top layers of the epidermis allows for better product penetration. This will further enhance microdermabrasion and chemical peel treatments effectiveness.


How often is Dermaplaning performed?


Dermaplaning can be performed every 3 to 4 weeks. Treating the skin in this manner actually removes about 2 to 3 weeks worth of dead skin cells. 


Can Dermaplaning be done with a Chemical Peel?


Yes.  Derplaning is a great way to prepare the skin for a chemical peel.


Is there downtime with Dermaplaing?


No downtime and that is one of the great benefits.


Who can be treated for dermaplaning?


Women and Men are good candidates and all skin types can benefit from dermaplaning. Darker skin tones have more layers of skin so as they age the skin tends to sag rather than wrinkle. Dermaplaning removes these extra layers of skin, helps correct pigmentation concerns and provides a more youthful and healthy glow.  Dermaplaning will address:


  • Fine lines

  • Dry Skin

  • Superficial hyperpigmentation

  • Mild acne

  • Superficial acne scarring

  • Rosacea dryness



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