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If this is your first waxing service…no worries because Lyndsay will thoroughly explain what to expect and most of all make it a comfortable experience. No matter which wax you receive you may be pink to red for a couple hours and it is recommended that you stay clear of direct sun exposure and wear sunscreen. Upon receiving bikini or brazilian wax you may choose take an anti- inflammatory to reduce any discomfort.


*Please note it is not recommended to book a bikini or brazilian wax a week before or during your menstrual cycle. If you have further questions please feel free to contact Lyndsay via email or phone, she is happy to accommodate you.

Eyebrows before waxing and shaping

Eyebrows after waxing and shaping





Benefits of Waxing:

•Hair takes three to eight weeks to grow back

•Hair grows back slower and thinner

•No razor bumps or stubble•

Smoother, softer feel

•Waxing will not cause pigmentation or skin irritations

•No chemicals are involved

•Cost effective compared to laser treatments

Eyebrow                             $20

(includes shaping)

Eyebrow Tweeze               $26

Lip                                        $12

Chin                                     $12

Eyebrow/Lip/Chin             $35

Full Face                             $30

Underarm                          $25

Back/Shoulder                  $55

Chest                 $45

Abdomen         $12

Full Arm Wax  $30

Half Leg            $45

Full Leg             $60

Bikini                $30+

Brazilian(includes backside) $65+

Hands             $5 ea

Feet/Toes      $5 ea 

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